The Weight Loss Journey

Where do I even start?!

     Many of us wake up one morning and see ourselves in the mirror and see the weight gain. For some, they have steadily seen it, others (like myself) it realization hits you all at once… when you’re already passed “too far”. At 6’4″ weighing 285lbs I hit that mark. I was used to my weight being in the 230’s!

This is where I had a mini heart attack at the age of 25 (not literally lol) I was just a kid in the military who was very active and in great shape and fast forward a couple years and BOOM! Belts loops are getting closer to the end, shirts hug, and your jeans are right!

The scariest part for myself was my son, his future, and the role I was showing him. I cannot be the dad who can’t practice sports, wrestle with, or even go on bike rides because I let myself go… It’s not fair to him to not be able to have certain memories because dad is getting too fat. I would not let this happen, it was a promise to my son to start this journey. Better than becoming healthier for myself, I can teach my son about being healthy while he grows to where it’s just natural for him.

Life can get’cha when you least expect it…

     After getting out of the Army, where you’re used to being on the go constantly, to working slow paced jobs, eating fast food, and not being nearly as active. My lifestyle caught up to me, and it showed. Buying bigger clothes to fit me only lasted so long before I decided enough was enough. Got a gym membership, I figured that would counter my weight gain. I was on the right track but not committed. I still lacked my willpower in food control. I was disappointed when I worked out for 2 months to see little change, although there was some weight loss, it wasn’t enough. I needed to get my mindset with food in tune with a diet. I tried all sorts of diets from detoxing, tea remedies, and other crazy fad diets. They worked for some people, but not me. I needed motivation, I needed to see it in front of me instead of following online mixtures of “LOSE 40 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!” Those titles would get my attention, but not my dedication after 4 days and down .5 pounds.


     Googling countless hours of researching fast weight loss diets finally gave out. I searched real diets to lose weight over time, and I came across the keto diet. Which saved my waist line and wallet (from having to buy knew clothes haha). Now as a review I’m not going to feed you that I have lost a crazy amount of weight in a month but I have lost weight, gained mental clarity, and built muscle.

I Found What Works For Me

     In the first couple weeks I was down 9 pounds! I did still continue to work out a couple times a week which was a benefit, but I found a product that has plans laid out, explanations on the process, and the best part A DESSERT GUIDE! I can still satisfy my sweet tooth was the best part of the books sent to me. The whole thing that was the “dedication” for me was physically seeing the keto books on my kitchen counter. Waking up and wanting to pop in waffles for breakfast was blocked by seeing Keto guides and cookbooks. Seeing it there was enough for me to ditch the waffles and cook a keto breakfast. With EGGS, BACON, CHEESE, AND OTHER GREAT TASTING FOODS! Even have a book about macros and counting them to fit in your lifestyle. Intermediate Fasting sounded scary, but after reading the guide, and trying it out it has been great. After 2 months it’s set into my schedule and it’s almost natural now to where I dont need tricks to beat hunger. I have been so pleased!

Look Mom, I’m doing it!

     The compliments I was recieving was so satisfying, everytime I got one I couldn’t help but smile and my heart jumped. I found a diet that worked, not costing $100’s, tasted great, allowed keto desserts, and made me more energetic. Getting rid of all the food full of nasty greasy unhealthy that clog your mind and focus. Now I am not at my goal weight and build just yet, I can honestly say sticking to this will get me there. I have gone from 285lbs to currently 255lbs in a short couple months almost effortlessly after the first week getting used to the new food intake and guides. If I can give you any advice is stick to your guns, don’t cheat on your diet, don’t give up. Results come, trust in yourself and the process!